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Mission and tasks:
  • To attract foreign companies with certified personnel in a responsible manner
  • The correct M / F on the right place
  • Proper monitoring of contractors
  • Qualitative collaboration with long- term vision : NO interim office
  • Smooth negotiations between parties
  • Always work with legal contracts


K&T perfoms the following works for you or your company:
  • All types of masonry work
  • All kinds of formwork and steel braiding
  • All concrete work in production sites, including architectural concrete work
  • All types of Air Conditioning and techniques
  • All types of wall coverings, also with Trespa panels
  • Installation of sectional doors, also in the industry
  • Plasterboard walls and ceilings (Gyproc)
  • Engineering, piping and sprinkler systems
  • All kinds of assembly, both in concrete and metal structures
  • All types of welding with proper welding certificates and SCC (VCA) certificates
  • Tunnel Techniques

For specific questions, please fill-in our contact form. You can also call us for an appointment where we will go through all the possibilities during a meeting.


K&T is responsible for the administration and treats the applications of the correct documents and reports:
  • E101/A1
  • Limosa
  • PDOK and follow-up of payment according to Collective Labour agreement


  • SCC stands for "Safety Checklist". The clients but also the general contractors on a construction site are responsible for safety on construction sites, and are therefore liable in case of injury.
    SCC is a certified safety management system, which allows a company to work safely. If a company owns this SCC, this means that the company pays attention to safety at work.
  • A successful completion of assessment has led K&T obtained the VCA certificate .



Necessary declarations

  • limosa

    Limosa: You are a foreign company, organization or self-employed and you want to employ someone in Belgium? Or you want to establish yourself as self-employed temporarily or partially in Belgium? Then you need to fulfill some basic requirements. K&T provides all records!

  • A1

    A1 form: an employee must be insured in the country where he actually carries out his work. K&T provides all records!

  • A1-b

    Employment in Belgium: K&T provides all records!

  • lascertificaten

    All employees are continuously trained, K&T provides monitoring of training certificates